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Best 10 Paragraph List For School, College & University Leve in Bangladesh

Best 10 Paragraph List For School, College & University Leve in Bangladesh


Terrorism or anarchy or violence is a fatal disease in society. It means the supreme reign of lawlessness for the inability of government to control. During a period of terrorism, lawlessness is seen to reign supreme. It demolishes tranquility and peace in normal life. For the disturbance of peace, our civilized life falls into a great threat and our life becomes beck and call of terrorists. This ill condition of society urges others to extend the Best 10 Paragraph List For School, College & University Leve in Bangladeshbrutal passions of mind. It destroys the standard of social norms and behavior which encourage the finer shades of feeling. On the other hand, in the absence of the law and order situation, man is compelled to become cruel, brutal, greedy, selfish and more concerned with personal than general welfare. In a state of anarchy, terrorism gets the upper hand. The law enforcing agencies also become passive. College and university students are being engaged in violence throwing their main duty of study to dust. Even the teachers are growing unconcerned about the welfare of the students. The basic principles of democracy for which they are shouting are going to be slaughtered at their hands. Everyone gets interested to take law in his own hand and most of us become passive spectators. Killing, looting, hijacking, kidnapping, teasing, threatening and other anti-social activities become the order of the day. Everywhere prevails a state of restlessness. Rules and regulations of every sector become polluted which bar all development works. So, if we want to develop and survive peacefully in the society, we have to endeavor all together to stop terrorism and to eradicate its root-source.

Best 10 Paragraph List For School, College & University Leve in Bangladesh

Cyber Café

Cyber Café is the centre where the Internet users can have an easy access to get all types of information. In a cyber cafe there are arranged many computers with Internet connection. Here one can use Internet paying the required amount of money. Different types of people come to a cyber cafe in quest of different types of information. The modern cyber cafe is established providing the users with all sorts of facilities including fast food facilities. Most of the students go to a cyber cafe to get help from various educational corners. At times they collect information of different universities of the world for higher education and sometimes for better job. Those days are not so far when the students can take their class lecture from anywhere of the worlds. It is also sure that some users go to a cyber cafe for gossiping with their friends through Internet. Again, one can have a telephone call with the help of net2phone and with other popular programmes and devices. Some users go there with a view to checking their emails. Some are compelled to go to a cyber cafe because their telephone lines at home remain busy with normal phoning. Going to a cyber cafe the users can get the advantages of voicemail, email, telephone, web-phone, fax, telex and even videoconference. But for videoconference the cyber cafe requires a web camera or a digital video camera that gives the facility of enjoying movie-live pictures each other of the users. Nowadays a physician can treat a patient staying in other country through Internet. Moreover, the modern professional doctors are getting opportunities to make themselves up-to-date and becoming familiar with the new and latest systems of treatments. Besides these, all types of learners are to go to a cyber cafe not only for solving their perspective problems but also for having an acquisition of wisdom from the online Encarta Encyclopaedia, Britannica and many others. Browsing homepage and purchase-corner, the users can learn the price, quality etc of different products of different companies; and they can order them sending MasterCard, Visa-Card, Ready-Cash etc. through Internet. One can download freeware software, virusprotection tools and many other essentials from the web-site of Internet. Web-TV, 3-D games, virtualreality, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and so on cannot but excite our mind with entertainment. But the youngsters sometimes enjoy the taboo and obscene pictures and movies that may harm their moral characters. Moreover, they may spend time and money more than necessary. After all, we can say that cyber cafe is getting more and more popular day by day for its great importance.

Best 10 Paragraph List For School, College & University Leve in Bangladesh


In the modern global world Internet is the easiest and cheapest way of communication. It is a new device for speedy transmission of notion, information, news, feelings etc. in the process of computer networks. Internet is the network of all Intranets and networks in the world. To have an Internet connection we need a speedy computer, modem, telephone line and the help of an ISP (Internet Service Provider). The ISP maintains all accounts of Internet users. When a user sends messages from his computer, the modem processes them and sends them to the ISP and finally the server of the ISP sends them to the destination. Nowadays this type of Internet connection is going to be obsolete because the new broadband Internet connection is providing the users with the advantages of Internet access without telephone wires. It is done with the help of an antenna and some other required devices. Moreover, the broadband Internet connection can provide the users with all types of modern communication facilities at the cheapest rate. Our T & T Board has already introduced VSAT in our country by which the users can have a connection without telephone line through wires. As a result, cellular telephone or mobile phone is being used in our country. Now cellular phone provides the advantages of Internet connection. However, through Internet we can access any information-zone of the world having only a click on the computer’s mouse. We can exchange our views and ideas with others and simultaneously can have an Internet chat with the help of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and with many other popular programmes. In modern transaction Internet is providing us with the facilities of Ready-Cash, MasterCard, Visa-Card and what not. Now text as well as image is possible to be sent simultaneously through Internet. Besides these, through Internet the users can get advantages of voicemail, email, telephone, web-phone, fax, telex, and videoconference. But for videoconference the users need a web-camera or a digital video camera. Through Internet videoconference one can enjoy the other’s movie-live pictures with audio-visual options. Through Internet one can search / browse other’s homepage and can download any information not only from the web-site but also from any corner of stored information. Except these, Internet plays a vital role in entertainment and education. Web-TV and 3-D online games cannot be ignored. Britannica, Encarta Encyclopedia, online educational help have opened a new dimension of education. But sometimes the youngsters enjoy obscene pictures and movies that may hamper their moral characters. After all, we can opine that Internet communication is now regarded as a milestone in the modern communicative world.

Best 10 Paragraph List For School, College & University Leve in Bangladesh

Basic Human Rights

In the present civilised world everybody has some rights to exercise. The rights to get food, shelter, education, medical treatment etc. are called fundamental rights. But the concept of basic human rights derives from the belief that a man cannot exist in this world without having certain rights in a particular tribe or in the society. The basic human rights are divided into different categories. They are social rights, civil rights, political rights, economic rights, religious rights and cultural rights. Social rights mean the rights to move freely, to arrange and attend any social function like meeting, conference, marriage ceremony, birthday party or any other social function. Civil rights refer to the rights of the citizens. Every citizen has the rights to be free from the interference, attack and disturbance of others. Political rights mean the rights to join trade union, to take part in the administration, to give vote and to have the freedom of speech including freedom of expression of opinions. An inhabitant will also exercise the cultural rights, religious rights and economic rights. A person can attend various cultural functions like Pahela Baishakh, carnival, jatra, snake charming, puppet show etc. as well as can arrange them at different times. In the same way people can enjoy various religious festivals like Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Christmas day, Swarashati puja etc and all these are their religious rights. Moreover, people of different religions can independently say their respective prayers going to mosque, church, temple or pagoda, and perform other religious activities. Every person can possess properties, establish organisations, and support others financially etc —– all these are some examples of economic rights. In the constitution all rights of the people have been obviously mentioned. All citizens are equal in the eye of law and justice. But in many countries of the world including Bangladesh basic human rights are being violated brutally. This violation must be considered crime. And this type of crime is usually committed by the law-enforcing agencies, miscreants and politicians. Definitely they should be punished for violating fundamental human rights. So, some pragmatic measures should be adopted by the govt. as well as by all leading NGO‘s. All constitutional writings about basic human rights have to be materialised in no time. Moreover, we have to rise consciousness about the basic human rights among all people through different mass media like radio, television, cinema, newspaper, poster, internet etc. and through political activities, canvass and propaganda so that we can ensure the fundamental human rights for the overall betterment of all.

Dowry System

The most heinous system prevalent in our country is the dowry system. We often read in newspapers that wives especially newly married girls are tortured by their husbands in all possible ways. It is, therefore, regarded as a social evil and has become pressing problem to be solved. To eradicate this social evil, we must find the loophole and one should remain satisfied with mere laws and by-laws or enactment of some rules. Total change in the outlook of the society is the crying need at this moment. As it is a social evil, we are to tackle it socially. Society must be free from the idea of disparity and false feudal values, which do not recognise woman as the equal partner of man. Social and public boycotts are two of the main weapons that may be used. Additionally, strong legal measures should be taken against the erring parents who are indulging in this practice. Young men and women must come forward to put an end to this disgraceful system. Very often we move from one seminar to another, but there is no co-ordination between our words and our actions. We are not evaluating our movements, nor monitoring actions. While on one hand the dowry-related crimes continue to increase, on the other hand the programmes aimed at stopping dowry also continue to flourish. Of course, we should not belittle the struggle that has been continuing against dowry. As the problem of dowry springs from a male-dominated, poor and backward society, the movement against this issue must include socio-economic, cultural, political forces and women‘s organisations. The political parties and government must match word with action. General inequality is a major cause of dowry. Improving women‘s position in society would be an effective measure against dowry. The over-extravagant expenses for weddings and marriage-related functions must be curtailed as the bridegrooms often take dowry so as to meet these costs. The girl‘s guardians must also be conscious about the issue. A girl should be brought up to be self-dependent. There is a tendency for the girl and the girl‘s family to simply tolerate the oppression because of risk the marriage‘s breaking up. The families must resort to legal action rather than encourage the girl to bear the oppression due to social shame and honor. Educated girls are also asked for dowry, but the poor illiterate girls have no alternative if abandoned by their husbands for dowry. Unfortunately in the rural areas, the daughters of poor farmers often study and work in order to earn enough money to pay dowry. The activists of all spheres against dowry must keep these factors in mind to eradicate dowry effectively.

Best 10 Paragraph List For School, College & University Leve in Bangladesh

Dengue Fever

Dengue fever has become the ‘talk of the country’ of Bangladesh at present. It has spread throughout whole Bangladesh in an epidemic form. It is a virus fever. There are four different antigenic varieties of dengue viruses and all are transmitted by the daytime biting of adies aegypty mosquito. They are DEN-1, 2, 3 & 4 serotypes. From these viruses, two forms of dengue are recognised. One of them is classical dengue fever and the other is dengue haemorrhagic fever. Classical dengue fever is characterised by the abrupt onset of fever, malaise, headache, facial flushing, and troubles pain. This pain is worse on eye movements, conjunctival suffusion and some backache that is a prominent symptom. Lymphadenopathy, petichae on the soft palate and skin rashes may also occur. This classical dengue fever is recovered by seven days. The patient of classical dengue fever should drink adequate water, take complete rest, drink a lot of liquid food, wash whole body with wet-cloth and finally should take the tablets of paracitamol group to decrease the fever. Dengue haemorrhagic fever is very severe. It is believed to be the result of two or more sequential infections with different dengue serotypes. If the symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever of a patient are found, we should take him to the hospital and consult with a doctor immediately. We have to wash the patient’s body again and again with a wet-cloth to mitigate fever. At the extreme case, it may be bleeding. The patient may be given paracitamol but never should be given aspirin group. It is a disease of children and has been found in South Asia and Africa. Adies lays its eggs on standing or stagnant water in the holes of trees, plastic bottles, plastic cans, tin-pots, tyres, green coconut plates, polythene bags etc. All of us should be conscious about the eradication of adies mosquitoes and should take necessary steps for that. Besides, government should highlight it through different media and should take essential measures to protect dengue fever.

A Book Fair

These days the book fair has become very much popular. It has created a sense of interest for books among us. In a book fair hundreds of pavilions are set up. Miscellaneous books, fictions, textbook, dramas, children books, reference books etc. are displayed in a shop. The stalls are well decorated which enchant the mind of customers. There are also food and drink stalls. The tired customers take rest and refreshment there. The whole atmosphere wears a beautiful look. The main purpose of a book fair is not sale but it offers a rare opportunity to assess the advancement made in publication of books. It is heartening to see thousands of people coming to the fair and buying books according to their own interest. A book fair becomes crowded especially in the evening. Both male and female customers gather in a book fair. The writers also visit the fair regularly and sit in some stalls. Seminars and cultural programmes are also held in a book fair. A book fair bears the testimony of the refined culture of a country. A book fair reminds us that books are our best comrades. They can change our outlook of life and widen our domain of wisdom. It is book, which assists us to forget jealousy, malice, superstition and covetousness. After all, we get our most advantages from a book fair and that is why we should purchase book from a book fair or from a bookstall. A book fair bears the testimony of the refined culture of a country. A book reminds us that books are our best comrades.

A Bus Stand

A bus stand is the place where the buses stop and where from they start. With the improvement of the roads and highways, the number of buses is increasing day by day. And the importance of the bus stand has become great. These stands can be seen by the roadside. There are a few big bus stands located at the district headquarters or in the big cities including the capital city. Besides these big bus-stands, there are other hundreds of bus stands scattered all over the country. At some bus stands, there are sheds for the convenience of the waiting passengers. Now some of the famous bus stands have ticket counters from where the passengers purchase tickets in advance to book a seat. Usually these are places of great din and bustle. Sometimes passengers are to wait under the open sky if there is no shed for their waiting. At most of the bus stands tea stalls are found nearby. Many passengers, while waiting for buses, go there and refresh themselves taking a cup of tea or coffee. Street hawkers are busy to draw the attention of the passengers. They sell betel leaves, biscuits, breads, cigarettes, pamphlets, magazines etc. Again, some street beggars cry in loud voice with a view to drawing the passengers‘ heed. When a bus comes up, there is a usual bustle and hurry among the passengers. Most of the buses are found jam-packed. Yet, people push one another to get on them. Some bus stands are filthy and noisy. Thieves and pickpockets are also there in disguise. They sometimes try to misguide the innocent passengers for fulfilling their evil desires.

College Library

A room or a building having a collection of books, periodicals etc. for the purpose of reading or selling or lending are called a library. A library can be seen to function in a college. In this manner we have a library in our college. It is the storehouse of knowledge and has great importance in respect of our learning and education. It is an inseparable part of our college. Our college library consists of three rooms. The biggest one has series of shelves with neatly arranged books, the second one is meant for reading and the third room is used as the librarian‘s room and office. In the reading room photos of the great scholars and poets have been hung on the wall. The library is well-lighted and airy. It has a large number of books on all disciplines to satisfy our requirement. Books can be borrowed by the students from the library. There are some books that are used only as reference books. They can be lent to anyone. During free hours students may use the library. There are about 10,000 books in our library. Every year new books are bought. It contains some rare books. It remains open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. except on holidays. In our college library, there are sufficient number of dailies and magazines including English magazines. Students go through these and know the current affairs inside and outside the country. Most of the students read fiction including science fiction and novels of the native famous writers. Some of them read world famous books written by renowned writers. In fact, all types of students can fulfill their desires of knowledge coming to this library and can cut an expected figure in the examination. Actually, our college library is a source of knowledge and great attraction for us and we are really proud of it.

A Winter Morning

Nature and her different phenomena are matters of wonder and mystery to us. The seasonal changes and the varieties never miss to draw our attention. In course of this the winter comes and a morning falling in this season is called a winter morning. Fog, mist, dew etc. are most common features of a winter morning. The sun shines very dimly. People like to remain comfortably wrapped up by the quilt till study or jobs do not force them to leave their bed. There is biting cold all around. The office goers and the school going children go out shivering in the chill. However, a winter morning presents a sad contrast between the rich and the poor. Walking or riding in the motor car with clothes to prevent the cold air the rich loiter here and there comfortably, whereas the poor warm themselves sitting round a fire until the sun rises a little higher. It is a very common scene to see people of all ages basking in the sun. The birds and beasts feel happy to see the rays of the sun. Farmers go to the field with ‗hooka‘ in their hands. Mothers prepare various kinds of cakes and serve them to the members of the family. Date juice is another attraction in the rural areas. Most of the people in our country are fond of drinking raw date juice. Besides, various types of native foods including cakes are prepared from date juice. Moreover, dewdrops on grass and leaves and numberless colourful flowers cannot but delight our mind on a winter morning. After a while the sunny day starts and people begin their day‘s work in full swing.

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